Leftovers: The Dark Ages of Gaming

Conversation Leftovers: where I point out some topics in the blogosphere that I think will get talked about for weeks to come. Check out the previous Leftovers if you enjoy this kind of thing. Let’s get right into it!

Retro Gaming …or Dark Age Reminiscing

Murfs spilled his guts about his love of Megaman 1 and how he’s such a noob that he’s never beat it. I can name over a dozen games I never beat in childhood. Pretty much none of them. And that makes me King of the Noobs! BOW DOWN MURFS.

Still, I really enjoyed his story of how that game inspired his imagination, that even though he never beat the game, the imagery and sound held his interest and kept him playing it. Also, the game tracks he linked turned out to be perfect afternoon tunes, so thanks for that noob.

I also remember gaming news being somewhat hard to come by, but me and the friends in my hood had a sort of racket running on the block for games. We heard things. We knew people who could move cartridges. We bartered like it was the Dark Ages. And that was how I was able to play so many titles that today are classics. I would never have been able to afford a Nintendo/Sega or the games to go with them. The Cartridge Racket was it for me.

If you remember games from your childhood, you should pay Murfs a visit and trade experiences. Nostalgia is always a great topic with staying-power in the community.

And speaking of Dark Ages: I’m surprised everyday that people still play and enjoy WoW. Some misinformed Draenei is sill in Azeroth under the belief that things are still happening there! Misadventures indeed. Jokes aside, if you’re into time travel, you should blaze back through the Twisting Nether and read all about their Warlock Dilemma. I should also mention that the Meta Report dropped (thanks to Izlain for the heads up) and I’m sure it says something important about Warlocks as well.

Game Personalities

Do MMOs have personalities? I put Syp’s chart to the test. My chosen MMO? I’ll pick the one I currently subscribe to: Eve Online.

Eve Online Personality Test

I know, I could have checked every damned box red at this rate. Blue represents things Eve definitely ARE NOT.

Old is the New New

And to pile on about MMOs a bit more, I think the genre is unbelievable stale right now, Eve included. There’s no new thinking in this space and all we continue to get in 2014 RE-iterations of the same stuff gamers have already seen. Where are the NEW iterations? Some truly innovative gameplay promises and ideas? Some out of the box, you’ll-never-guess-where-we’re-going-with-this innovation? It seems we will remain without it for the next two years at least. Wildstar does not tickle my fancy and Elder Scrolls Online represents to me complete stagnation in the MMO space. I genuinely cannot be bothered with these games.

Dark Age Community Tools at XBOne

Finally, one of the most important conversations happening this month I think comes from Xbox One’s behavior monitoring tools. Polygon reported that the XBOne team is still working on a rewards system. I don’t have the new console, but it seems to currently use a system that takes player ratings and then ranks player profiles based on how often they are ignored and muted. The player feedback will pile up and eventually the baddies will be separated from the goodies and placed in a pool with other toxic players. This sounds creative, even interesting, but ultimately it’s a reporting tool. And those are like giving more tools to griefers, but I guess the new console owners can speak for themselves. How is this actually working so far?

Overall though, companies really disappoint me when they come up with MORE reporting tools like this, because it’s like they don’t know the worst community trolls have every intention of abusing those tools, just like they abuse other players. Report features are important, but are severely limited because they rely on reporters. So I wasn’t excited at all to hear they had another report system in place which equips trolls with more ways to be obnoxious to civil players.  That said, these kinds of tools have their place, but when it’s the only tool, it’s like launching half a console; IT WILL NOT WORK. Seriously. DARK AGE TECH. Get the other half of the system in place already!

What do you think? Also let me know if there’s conversations around the blogosphere this month that you think are worthy of more discussion.

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