T.R. Red Skies Levels Up

It’s time I leveled up. As much as I love T.R. Red Skies and my history that comes with it, I think I’ve outgrown it’s purpose.

Originally, I was just a gamer sharing my thoughts on my toys, on the things I have loved about games and continue to love about games. But I’m all grown up now and I don’t look at games the way I did when I first started all of this. When we play games long enough, we start to become nerdy little armchair experts on their content and at examining how they affect us. This new blog is about me taking that next step in game criticism and talking about those impacts on a level the 20-something me was never interested in.

Take this next step with me. If you’ve enjoyed my blogs or had the pleasure of watching me grow-up within the blogosphere, I think XP Chronicles will be a place that you can continue that journey with me. If you’re already a subscriber of blogs which write about social justice, recommend them to me so I can renew my blog roll and join those conversations.

It’s time to focus on the social aspects of gaming. It’s not about championing causes or becoming politically correct. It’s about challenging myself to keep evolving and hopefully keeping us all honest. It’s about using my writing to bring more gamers into the discussion, to hopefully write good conversation starters. I affect a very tiny part of the community, but I want to do my best for it. While those who share my interest in these topics will find common ground here, I’m aiming for those who haven’t probed these issues and want more information.

Some of my articles here will be co-authored so it will be a mix of perspectives and experiences. Some authors prefer to remain anonymous and I respect that, especially those who are targets for scorn. I will be sure to announce those articles and their authors while respecting their privacy.

I’ve imported some of the more socially conscious articles from T.R. Red Skies to here and I’m in the process of updating them for relevance and to add my newfound understandings of the politics of gaming. The original articles will continue to be accessible at T.R. Red Skies and un-edited for posterity. Here’s a quicklist of things you can look forward to on this new journey:

  • Weekly article.
  • Greater use of Twitter for conversation.
  • Feature articles each month, such as the new Quest Log series.
  • Greater use of empirical data to do more than just opinion sharing.

I’ll also be crafting up a Recommendations page for reading, movies, and games. Thank you for your continued support of my blogging endeavors! It’s been world-changing to join the blogosphere and to be shaped by the conversations that happen therein. I’m definitely looking forward to this change and to the fresh start into new territory, and I hope I can continue to make it worth your while.

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