Steals and Deals I Recommend II

The Steam Sale will be running for a few more days and today some games that are fairly new and therefore rarely (if ever) on sale, have finally made their appearance. Unfortunately for me, I own them! So I will recommend these good games with good deals to you.

The Banner Saga. Just beautifully done in almost every way. The art style has a truly uncanny compatibility with the setting and the story, so it feels really immersive during gameplay. The way the story is told is also very interesting and the game does a well mixed split between a storied adventure and turn-based strategy game. The units are fun, interesting and the saga itself is a good piece of mythology. You’ll probably enjoy this if you like strategy and a good story.

Banished. Another sandbox sim in which you and a handful of families must build up a town. That’s all you do. You start with a pile of supplies and then you must manage the community to survive disasters, seasons, and accidents (I lose about 4 villagers a year from collapsing tunnels and stones falling on them at the quarry. It’s a pretty realistic medieval sim and if you like city building sims, you may enjoy this.

GOG has been having the same kind of sale and there are some great deals over there. I just don’t own most of the titles on sale so I can’t recommend them. Still, check them out. You may find some great DRM-free games there!

Steals and Deals I Recommend

Well the Summer sales are upon us and Temptation is working around the clock! A couple of people have asked me: what’s good to buy? So here are some games I recommend if you catch them on sale!

Dark Souls. If you enjoy RPGs, pick this up. Yes it’s hard, but it’s not punishing. Yes it’s unforgiving, but it teaches you how to play. The bosses are amazing. The loot is seriously the best you’re going to get anywhere in the genre. The story itself is interesting, but what really sells it is the WORLD. This has more world than your favorite MMO. Pick this up and try it – or you can gift it to a friend you’ve been dying to play it with!

Tomb Raider. The new Lara is cool. This was worth a reboot. The adventure is great, but the game is a bit too linear and there’s a bit too much shrieking. Still, I can’t deny it’s quality and how much fun I had playing it. For 5 bucks, that’s all the convincing you should need. This is worth more.

Rogue Legacy. As the title suggests, roguelike. Fun as all hell. Amazing characters! Amazing dungeons! This is worth the full price, but on sale I feel like you should get a few more copies for friends later on. This is worth every freakin’ penny!

FTL. Another roguelike, but in outerspace. I love the pace of this game. Nice and tactical, full of adventures, and really fun on the strategy. And spaceships.

Magicka. If you really enjoy playing wizards, witches and magi in your games I can’t think of a single reason you should NOT own Magicka. It does something truly unique with gameplay and it doesn’t age. This game is as fun and popular today as it was at release.

You’re a gamer. You’ve played stuff. What would you recommend I catch on sale this Summer?