Sexy or Sexualized #1

Consider this the pilot to a potential series at XP Chronicles.

In the debate about sexualization, there usually is a sense that there are just two camps: the camp that says the picture is sexy and the one that says it’s sexualized. Neither camp leaves much room for nuance and complexity in the art. So the series name is really a misnomer: I’m not asking you to choose which one is the “good” picture and which one is the “bad”. I’m asking you to describe what you see in it. Has the subject been reduced or enhanced? Are they themselves the messenger of their message? Is the artist projecting? Did the artist achieve sexy or is it just porn?

It’s about dialogue. Let the talking being.

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If you like this feature and want to see more discussion around it, send me your own favorite erotic game or comic art and I’ll include it.


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