Early Access with Dungeon of the Endless

2014-06-29_00001Oh how I love this little game. Oh, oh, oh how Dungeon of the Endless delivers such delight! This game is brought to us by Amplitude Studios, an indie outfit

Early Access games are, rightfully, under some scrutiny right now and not just by angry gamers who have been sold terrible games, or games which have had their development cancelled. Developers are also questioning whether Early Access does more harm than good for the game and what it does to player expectations. While I support Early Access, I share all the same concerns. It’s not an exclusively good thing. But in some cases, it seems like a worth while risk and ever so often a developer will deliver a game experience that’s so very satisfying that players will treat it as though it’s officially been released already.

Dungeon of the Endless comes very close to that line. It’s current condition leaves lots of justifiable hope about it’s future and the game does much to deserve player support.


It’s a beautiful game, isn’t it?

DotE is a dungeon crawler at heart with added tower defense and RPG elements. These features compliment each other pretty well, but the game brings them together effortlessly nonetheless. It just feels right to play the game and have the mechanics feel intuitive, which is always a treat. You start the game on a crashed ship with a special crystal on board which you must guard with your life. The location of the crash is some foreign area infested with darkness and aliens. It’s your task to explore this endless dungeon, bring light with your awesome technology, and slay aliens who get in your way.

2014-06-29_00009Like most games these days, it’s a rogue-like, which is the most annoying feature to me. I don’t know why this genre is so damned popular right now (has been for the past few years), but James at Extra Credits has a theory about it you should listen to. All the same, the game is fun as hell and the rogue-like element doesn’t seem to add to that. If anything, it detracts a little and it would be nice if they implemented an Endless mode that allows you to carry on even if you die.

Right now the devs are having a competition to design a spaceship for the game. Different ships mean different game modes, with their own unique rule sets so it’s a pretty cool and fun idea. I think I’ll submit something. If i do, I’ll post it so you guys can tell me if it’s a ship you’d play.

The controls don’t feel great, but I have confidence that Amplitude will shine them up before release. They aren’t atrocious, but they do break the flow of gameplay because giving your character commands just feels kind of clunky. It would be nice if all the commands could be moved to the mouse or restricted to just 2 or 3 keys on the keyboard.

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