Couch Podtatoes Ep. 15

It’s out! Go listen to it!

I’m awful at putting out posts when a new podcast is published by my dear friends Eri and Izzy. I only make an appearance once per month, but it’s a fun show, just a few gamers talking about what’s going on in the blogger community and having opinions.

It’s linked in the sidebar 24/7. This week’s episode is about Bragtoberfest which is coming October 1st. It’s a gaming event for game bloggers, so head over to Me vs Myself and I to learn more!


Coutch Podtatoes Episode 2: Players’ Rights

It’s out 🙂

Couch Podtatoes is a new podcast by our beloved Izlain of Me vs Myself and I. I made my first podcast appearance with he and the lovely J3w3l of Healing the Masses and I think we had a pretty great discussion about players rights. The “Digital Frontier” segment of the show is hosted by me once per month (starts at 19:20) and this month’s topic: Player Rights.

There were some great ideas from everyone and most importantly, I think this episode leaves lots of room for listener feedback. So definitely leave your thoughts for us (here, the podcast, their blogs, email – doesn’t matter) and I’ll be sure to mention them on the next show.

Enjoy 🙂