The Cook Off Begins

Alright, it’s time I make this official and actually try to organize a real competition for this.

It all started with friendly posturing with j3w3l and Syl about playing Cook, Serve, Delicious together to see who could get the highest combos for a given menu. I have yet to organize a time/date for the event and this is good time to do so.

Jeromai also announced his ownership of this lovely casual game and with that I’m hoping this announcement finds more of you either with the game or interested in watching the Cook Off (I’ll be broadcasting my own via Twitch.

In the name of time zone synchronization, the Cook Off will be:

  • 1 Week Long: February 5th – February 12th
  • Any Steam Leaderboard menu (visible in-game)
  • Iron Cook Pasta Challenge

So what’s the prize in all of this? The cook with the highest number of combos for these menus gets to make the next menu for the next Cook Off! Eventually, I’ll hand out a game key for the winners depending on participation and enthusiasm for the event.

Event discussion is over at the NBI HQ Forums or the comments below!

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Multiplayer Mode: Cook Off Challenge

I just wanted to make this official. I am challenging any of you who play Cook, Serve, Delicious to a cook off! There’s at least 2 cooks I know of who SHOULD accept this challenge, but I’ll take on any of you!

spins spatula and tucks into holster

For those not in the know: Cook, Serve, Delicious is a “casual” game (as someone told me) in which you take on the role of the owner and main cook of a zero star restaurant and work your way up to 5 stars — if you dare. Customers walk in with their orders, you fill them as quickly and perfectly as possible. Missing orders, bad sanitation and burning food is bad. Simple enough!

I will air each challenge that is accepted on my channel for all to see. Challengers can pick my menu and set the standards for perfection. Since I’m such an amazing cook, I shall deliver victory to myself every time!