#Bragtoberfest Achievement Round-up

Not as much of a round-up as I want, but I’ve got links to other round-ups! To see the first week’s results Izlain has got you covered. The first Saturday of Bragtober had bloggers get together for some MOBA battles in Strife.

My own triumphs this week:

  • Pacman DX+ : I’ve unlocked 11 of 12 Steam achievements. Little Chris scored 1.3 million in a 5 minute timed match of Pacman, strengthening his claim to the Little Gamer Throne!
  • Banished: The town of Rowler is promising. I’ve finally scored a couple of achievements which are pretty much endurance challenges. The longer you play, the more inevitable the achievements become. I’ve got 3!
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious: I nearly burned my reestaurant down this week. The Buzz has finally dipped below 104% which means people are talking about my restaurant LESS as a result of the charred meals this week.

I try to hop on Twitch, my Fail Live channel, to give you lovely folks a chance to get screenshots of me failing. My streams are few and never more than an hour so your window of opportunity is slim. Try to catch up! No one fails as spectacularly as me.

Defense Grid scores are in my future. I’ve noticed some of you have your own high scores and I’m laying down the gauntlet:

Bragtober seems to be a great month to compare scores and challenge one another, so there’s my challenge to you guys. If any of you arent’ familiar with Defense Grid, it’s an awesome tower defense game that you can find on PC and Xbox. I’ve spent most of my time scoring big on Xbox so this is a good time to fix up my PC scores!

I’ll accept any of your challenges, even if you slaughter me. Especially if you’ll slaughter me.

You’re Invited to Community Gaming

Consider this your invitation to join me in the games I play. There’ll be games we have in common and there will be games we’ll simply exchange experiences about. Right now, I just want to make the announcement and see how many of you still love your games as much as you say you do.

Civ Nights

My wife and I have decided that I need one evening a week to spend relaxing over a battle of strategy. She’s tired of me dragging her into my culture wars in Civilization 5. And to be truthful I’m tired of her warmongering.

Thus the idea for Civ Sundays was born. Each Sunday evening (PST/Los Angeles) I’ll turn on my friends list and begin a round of Civ. You’re all invited. As we can see each other on Steam, on Sunday nights you’ll know exactly what I’m up to. For multiplayer rounds we’ll lay out some rules and determine how epic or quick we want the match to be. I’ll post recaps of each match just to share my gaming habit with you. For those of you who’ve played this with me, please be sure to tell everyone else what a pleasure it is to share a¬†Civ map with me ūüôā You can find me on Steam by clicking this link or just join the NBI Steam group where most of us can be found hanging around when we’re online.

Cook Off

I see my enthusiasm for the kitchen arts has caused some of you¬†to¬†begin playing Cook, Serve, Delicious ….and so we must celebrate with a feast! Record yourself cooking your favorite and worst menus, then simply post them on Youtube, your stream or your blog to share it. Share your progress! Likewise, I’ll post a challenge menu for the community¬†on occasion so we can have some fun with it. Right now I’m in New Game + which is horrifying, or extra fun depending on how you look at it. Meet me there and share your cooking journey with the rest of us.

For awesome game recording software use Open Broadcaster. It’s open source, free, and easy to use.

Casual Replays

I’ve got some other casual indie-type games in my library that I want to play more of. I’ve found these games fun in the past, but for reasons unknown have stopped playing them. It’s time to resurrect these gems and share them with you!

  • Volgarr the Viking
  • Dungeon of the Endless
  • Cubetractor
  • Transistor

This list will likely grow or just change over time, but right now these are games I want to play more of so I’ll be recording my sessions and posting the videos here for your mockery. If you have a game you’d like me to play, let me know. These replays will be me failing and flailing at these games and I’ll try¬†to do some modest¬†editing to keep the videos interesting, short and to the point. I don’t want these to turn into long LPs, but to give you a taste of what it’s like to watch me struggle through a good game.

The Cook Off Begins

Alright, it’s time I make this official and actually try to organize a real competition for this.

It all started with friendly posturing with j3w3l and Syl about playing Cook, Serve, Delicious together to see who could get the highest combos for a given menu. I have yet to organize a time/date for the event and this is good time to do so.

Jeromai¬†also announced his ownership of this lovely casual game and with that I’m hoping this announcement finds more of you either with the game or interested in watching the Cook Off (I’ll be broadcasting my own via Twitch.

In the name of time zone synchronization, the Cook Off will be:

  • 1 Week Long: February 5th – February 12th
  • Any Steam Leaderboard menu (visible in-game)
  • Iron Cook Pasta Challenge

So what’s the prize in all of this? The cook with the highest number of combos for these menus gets to make the next menu for the next Cook Off! Eventually, I’ll hand out a game key for the winners depending on participation and enthusiasm for the event.

Event discussion is over at the NBI HQ Forums or the comments below!


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Multiplayer Mode: Cook Off Challenge

I just wanted to make this official. I am challenging any of you who play Cook, Serve, Delicious to a cook off! There’s at least 2 cooks I know of who SHOULD accept this challenge, but I’ll take on any of you!

spins spatula and tucks into holster

For those not in the know: Cook, Serve, Delicious is a “casual” game (as someone told me) in which you take on the role of the owner and main cook of a zero star restaurant and work your way up to 5 stars — if you dare. Customers walk in with their orders, you fill them as quickly and perfectly as possible. Missing orders, bad sanitation and burning food is bad. Simple enough!

I will air each challenge that is accepted on my Twitch.tv channel for all to see. Challengers can pick my menu and set the standards for perfection. Since I’m such an amazing cook, I shall deliver victory to myself every time!