Pineapple Smash Crew for Green Pineapples


Steam Guide:

This is an introductory guide to the gameplay and features of Pineapple Smash Crew. This awesome little indie game is easily 2012’s most overlooked and under-rated title. To help new players really get into the fun, I’ve composed this handy little guide.

Time to Smash

So what’s the game about?

2012-02-04_00011You and your crew of Pineapple mercenaries are on a mission to find the mothership in outerspace. To do so, you must blast through various spaceships with your trusty gun and grenades. The grenades are key. They are why the Smash is in the title of the game!

Controls are standard: use WASD for movement and the mouse for interaction. The left-mouse button fires your gun. The action is automatic, but keep an eye on the power/heat meter on the bottom right on the screen (the vertical meter). It recharges very, very quickly, but this does mean that you can’t just endlessly shoot at creatures. The right-mouse button is for using grenades. Finally, if you have a scroll-wheel on your mouse you can use it to cycle through your mercs. You can also use the Q key to cycel left and the E key to cycle right. You can also just use keys 1-4 to select your mercs. SO MANY OPTIONS.

To start, you select the difficulty of the game. Easy mode is recommended if you’re just getting started. Think of it as the Arcade version. The other two modes are just challenge modes.

mission-selectNext, time to prepare to go out and fight. Before you get to any of the ships, you select which one from the game menu.

  • Ship: This is a randomly generated name with no known meaning.
  • Danger: The difficulty of the level.
  • Mission: The goal of the level.
  • Make: The size of the ship.
  • Generator: The quality of lighting on the level.
  • Ship Damage: The complexity of the level (holes in the floor, walls, etc)

Each of these will have varying features. Every map is randomized. Everything in the game is randomized, but these parameters give you an idea of how it will be randomized. Combined, they make up the general difficulty of any given level. Further explanation of each is given in the Appendix section of this guide.

Finally, it’s time for some action. You’ll be warped into a ship filled with baddies, from zombies to mechanical spiders to gun turrets. SMASH’EM ALL.

Level Maps

levelmapsMaps are simple and spartan. Each room is represented by a little square, with the black blocks being the borders of the ship. The brighter the room, the more enemies are in it. Also, the bigger the ship, the more rooms in it.

  • Red: Objectives are in this room. The last red room of any level contains a boss.
  • White: That’s where you are!
  • Green: You’ve explored that room.
  • Orange: Unexplored room. The brighter the orange, the more monsters inside!


Ah, the very essence of the game. Each one of your mercs can wield one grenade at a time. Grenades are found throughout the levels. To use a grenade, just use the right mouse-button. This actually takes just a little bit of practice to do with precision. There are 3 rapid stages involved in grenade use:

  • Pressing and holding the RMB will allow you to position the angle at which the grenade is launched.
  • Releasing the RMB will launch it.
  • Pressing the RMB again will detonate it.

In gameplay, it’s very fluid and fast and doesn’t slow down the action at all. But as the levels increase in difficulty, these 3 stages actually give the player flexibility in really strategically placing grenades.

grenade-pickAt the start of the game on a few grenade types will be available, but as your mercenaries level they gain access to new grenades. In fact, that’s the whole point of leveling in this game: earn new grenades! This game has the widest selection of grenades in any video game I’ve ever played. They’re as fun as they are diverse. Check the section on Grenades for an in-depth look at your options.

So how does one level to get their hands on these awesome grenades? Collect credits.

Credits are earned with every kill. You also get them by breaking open crates. At the end of each stage, if you successfully clear it, you earn bonus credits. At the top of the screen during gameplay is a meter which gauges how close your are to leveling-up. In the bottom-left corner is your “score”, which is basically a tally of your current credits earned.

You can also now use your credits to change the faces of your mercenaries.

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