Mount & Blade: Warband for Beginners

Trading and Shops

Quick Summary:

  • Inter-faction trading is lucrative; buy in Khergit, sell in any other kingdom.
  • Shops are a good source of steady weekly income.
  • Use your profits to upgrade your equipment and army as much as possible.
  • There’s a LOT of ways to make money in this game. The spoils of Calradia are practically falling out of the sky! But you’ll need a strong bassinet on your head to catch it all.

The larger your army the greater your expenses. You should see to it that you have high incomes. Your own equipment won’t be cheap and you’ll rarely find fine armor and weapons from killing bandits in the woods.

Trade is simple and easy: buy low, sell high. You can find markets at any major town. There, you can see the market trends giving you access to what’s selling best and worst at that location. From there just visit nearby villages which might sell you those goods and take them back to town. Each kingdom has speciality goods. For example, salt is easily acquired from the Nords for cheap. Spices are cheaper in the land of the Khergits. Grapes are plentiful in the Rhodoks. Buy at those locations and sell them to kingdoms which don’t usually have those goods.

Establishing shops won’t make you rich, but they provide a steady income and keep your costs down over the long run. Three shops early on will easily net you a steady income until you gain a fief or castle. For an army of ~40-60 regulars, 3 shops are ideal. Add a shop to your land holdings for every 30 soldiers you recruit. Double it for a veteran force. To buy a shop:

  • You must have a favorable status with the town.
  • Visit the Guild Master of the town.
  • Pay them the required fee to open the shop you choose.

It will take a week or so for the shop to get up and running and you won’t earn any income until then. Once it’s up, you have the option of supplying it with goods or allowing it acquire it’s own raw materials. Typically, choose the latter unless you find an exception deal on raw goods elsewhere that’s sure to net you a higher profit. As you become more comfortable with the game you might find it better to supply raw materials.

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