Mount & Blade: Warband for Beginners

Warband is a very complex game. While the Taleworlds community is a treasure trove of information, it’s very difficult to sift through for the beginner. This guide provides a very basic, non-overwhelming introduction to help you make meaningful and informed choices as you learn to play the game!

Table of Contents

  • Character Building
  • Managing Your Warband
  • Warband Units & Training
  • Trade and Owning Shops
  • Recruiting Heroes
  • Kingdoms of Calradia

Getting Started

MBW is the full medieval experience. You are a denizen of Calradia, a single continent surrounded on one side by water and the others by impassable mountains (for now …). Your destiny is truly yours. Forget questing your way to the top and linear story telling.

As a player, you must gather an army around you and fight your way to the top. Earn money through trade, conquest, or politics. Build armies through recruiting, purchase, or persuading your enemies to switch sides. Swear your sword to a king of the realm and earn fiefs, towns, or castles to rule of your own …or earn the right to rule as a king or queen for yourself. Wander the world as a mercenary or take up the cause of others who claim to be rightful heirs to the various kingdoms ….the choice is truly yours.

Creating Yourself

In the open ended, sandbox world of Calradia the character creation screen is literally where it all starts. Don’t expect to play this game from beginning to end within a single sessin or even a single month. Instead, kick off your greaves, hang your helmet, and have a seat next to the hearth in your stone keep. This is the start of your medieval career.

Mount and Blade is extremely, and I mean extremely, immersive. Character looks are limited, but all of them have a very crude and medieval feel to them. Nothing you create will hold up to the modern standard of beauty …and that’s the beauty of it!

You can also choose your background and while the options early on may seem almost unimportant, the things you choose will shape how you are viewed in Calradia throughout the whole of the game. So choose a story that you’re interested in exploring. On that note, choosing a woman as your character effectively puts the game on hard-mode. The game is built on medieval values and the world will react to you accordingly. If you’ve ever wanted to know what that must have been like MBW offers a very unique opportunity for you to explore it.

Learning to Fight

Do not skip the combat tutorials. In fact, take the time during your early hours of gameplay to really find some comfort in the controls. They take some getting used to, but the basic mechanics of moving around and fighting are very simple and non-complex. Left-click swings, right click blocks. Holding down the W key will take you from a walk to a run, a canter to a gallop while holding the A key will do the reverse. There is no targeting; you will hit whatever is in front of you and within range. You will be hit by anything in front of you or within range. Very simple.

Take the time to get a firm grasp on combat. While it’s possible to play the game without actually participating in each individual battle, you will save yourself lots of time, money, and energy by just learning how to fight.

The Interface

The game is played in both 2D and 3D. Hand to hand combat, as well as questing and interaction take place in 3D while map travel takes place in 2D. The game alternates between the two.

The overworld map gives a literal view of the current state of affairs. You can view the borders of each kingdom and get a wider sense of the political state of the game.

Your First Days in Calradia

The game has day and night cycles. As night falls, map visibility decreases.

When you first start out you’ll have a little beginner quest. Do the whole thing. It will introduce you to:

  • how to interact/talk with NPCs;
  • how to enter and exit towns/castles;
  • basic combat experience;
  • how to recruit soldiers;
  • how to track and find parties;
  • and the importance of trade to survival.

All of these lessons should not be skipped! It will just lead you to frustratrion trying to figure out how to get these simple things done. Once you’re past that, now you’re ready for the real game. It’s cold, cruel world out there. Plan accordingly.

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