The XP Chronicles is an outgrowth of my gaming blog, T.R. Red Skies. In these pages, I will muse on the social science of gaming.

I may be a hardcore gamer living within the gamer culture, but I’m also part of this world we call Earth. Like many of us, I’m not untouched nor disinterested in the ways gamers interact. I’m not blase about the impacts of gaming on my life. I don’t think games are just “games”.  By looking at research conducted in the industry, I hope to use this platform to spark discussion within the gaming community and about the parts of our culture that we bring into our games. I want to look at how our games create new culture, and, most importantly, how games affect our behavior (and vice versa). There’s so much interesting and socially dangerous stuff to cover and you’ll find the writing here adequate, intriguing and a good conversation starter for the issues you care about.

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