Sexy or Sexualized No. 9

I present you with Katarina from League of Legends! Caveat: Riot has really done a great job in recent years of acknowledging the shortcomings of their art and in diversifying it. They won’t be getting rid of sexualized characters …something that continues to be problematic. But I think they’ve been trying to be more inclusive. That said, equal opportunity sexualization isn’t a great solution.

Is there anything inherently wrong with sexualization?


3 thoughts on “Sexy or Sexualized No. 9

  1. I think that of the two, the ref skin is slightly more sexualised. The first is a little, but not problematically so imo. The half-cup strapless bra is all that makes it sexualised for me. It kind of detracts from the rest of the outfit, which is not sexualised in the slightest. Overall I think it’s sexy, but apart from that one thing, not sexualised.

    The second is also sexy, but it is in a sexualised way. The cutoff top and short shorts, make it approach a classic “lingerie costume”, which on a fighter is clearly (to me) sexualised. It’s the kind of thing that you’d see at a Halloween party and call “sexy Ref” rather than just “Ref”. Neither pose is sexualised, which I think is a first for this series.

    I believe that sexualisation is not inherently wrong on an individual level. It is only when it become the default representation, the expectation rather than an expression of individual taste, that it becomes wrong.

    • Not sure how you’re looking at this. The ref image makes no exaggerations or even allusions to sex. The look on her face is …nothing more than a threat. The other image strongly draws attention to her breasts and butt. The pose is completely impractical for combat and the clothing is suspect too. You don’t think that’s sexualization?

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