#Bragtoberfest Achievement Round-up

Not as much of a round-up as I want, but I’ve got links to other round-ups! To see the first week’s results Izlain has got you covered. The first Saturday of Bragtober had bloggers get together for some MOBA battles in Strife.

My own triumphs this week:

  • Pacman DX+ : I’ve unlocked 11 of 12 Steam achievements. Little Chris scored 1.3 million in a 5 minute timed match of Pacman, strengthening his claim to the Little Gamer Throne!
  • Banished: The town of Rowler is promising. I’ve finally scored a couple of achievements which are pretty much endurance challenges. The longer you play, the more inevitable the achievements become. I’ve got 3!
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious: I nearly burned my reestaurant down this week. The Buzz has finally dipped below 104% which means people are talking about my restaurant LESS as a result of the charred meals this week.

I try to hop on Twitch, my Fail Live channel, to give you lovely folks a chance to get screenshots of me failing. My streams are few and never more than an hour so your window of opportunity is slim. Try to catch up! No one fails as spectacularly as me.

Defense Grid scores are in my future. I’ve noticed some of you have your own high scores and I’m laying down the gauntlet:

Bragtober seems to be a great month to compare scores and challenge one another, so there’s my challenge to you guys. If any of you arent’ familiar with Defense Grid, it’s an awesome tower defense game that you can find on PC and Xbox. I’ve spent most of my time scoring big on Xbox so this is a good time to fix up my PC scores!

I’ll accept any of your challenges, even if you slaughter me. Especially if you’ll slaughter me.

6 thoughts on “#Bragtoberfest Achievement Round-up

    • The nice thing about DG is it automatically shows you your friends’ scores when you’re in game. So all we’ve got to do is play and we’ll know right away how we compare to each other.

      Thats a hard game to to change your score on. A perfect score can only be gained in a handful of ways so I think it’ll be fun to try.

  1. I haven’t played Defense Grid in forever, so I don’t even remember my scores or how I got them. I do love me some Tower Defence at any time though, and seeking a high score is a good way to get better strat-wise. Any specific map you’ve got in mind?

    • Lets start with the original campaign The Awakening theres a map called Ancient Research. I’m open to doing any of them though, so if you found one of these maps to be a lot of fun, let’s do that one too.

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