Sexy or Sexualized No. 7

Gotta love the Hawkeye Initiative. It takes something people are undecided about and makes it so clear to see.

The past few weeks it’s seemed difficult for us to tell when something is simply sexy, and I guess that actually makes sense. Sexy is subjective. It’s about attraction. I may find something attractive that you don’t. But isn’t there a commonly or popularly understood definition for sexy too? Sure. We can tell when a picture is trying to be sexy in our culture. It still might not attract us in that way though.

Sexualization on the other hand …well. It’s like looking at Greek columns and knowing an Ionic from a Corinthian.

2 thoughts on “Sexy or Sexualized No. 7

  1. I think I’d actually class the dudes as sexy if they didn’t look so…uncomfortable. 😀

    The women, definitely sexy. Mostly convinced that they are sexualised, too, though some are borderline for me.

  2. I’m rather amused by the failure to give the guys ahem appropriate “come hither” and “I’m all yours to use” expressions. Where’s the half-open mouths, the drugged or vacant looking eyes, the flowing, hinting at a tumble in bed hair? (Okay, so green lantern at least kinda has the hair.) Intead, they’ve gotta still look tough (muscles+obvious package = male “sexy” perhaps?), while contorted to show how silly the usual sexualized female position is.

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