Making an Effort: Game Accessibility

Thanks to Simcha and Belgast for mentioning a new feature of Final Fantasy XIV which makes the game more enjoyable for those with hearing impairments. They’ve introduced a waveform system that allows players to visualize the sounds and effects. Right now it’s only available for Windows, but I just thought this was worth pointing out.

This is what “making an effort” looks like, folks. You can read about it in the patch notes here and see pics below.

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New accessibility settings have been added to the System Configuration menu. (Windows® version only)
The FINAL FANTASY XIV team strives to provide an enjoyable, accessible gaming experience for all of our players.
As part of this continuing endeavor, we have implemented an experimental new visual alert feature.
* Due to system limitations, this feature will only be available on the Windows® version of the game.

About Visual Alerts
The option to enable a visual representation of sound waves has been implemented for the benefit of our hard-of-hearing players. With this feature enabled, players will see a visual representation of the various sounds emitted within in the game. We hope that this will prove useful, as well as convey the sense that the world of Eorzea is alive with sound.
Sounds are visualized as waveforms, with three categories of sounds (see below) each represented by a different color. These visualizations are connected to the game’s volume settings, so the size of the visualizations may be adjusted by adjusting your volume settings.

Blue: Background music
Red: System alerts
Green: Sound effects, ambient sounds, voices

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