Sexy or Sexualized No. 5

You can click each image to enlarge if they’re cut off on your screen/device.

I realize it’s probably asking a lot of an audience to analyze pieces of art, but it’s served to us this way so …yeah. Sexy, sexualized, both or neither?


batman-catBatcat also wants to be sexy. Hmm ….maybe 8/10 imo.

6 thoughts on “Sexy or Sexualized No. 5

  1. I think it begs the question what search terms you are using to find these!

    Still, sexualized for both is my vote. First one for obvious reasons, the second one because it serves no purpose other than the pose. I think it actually might be from one of those DC calendars…sort of like the Marvel swimsuit issues.

    • True enough. I usually just do a search for fan art because, in my experience, fans ALWAYS go for the sexy. And I assume this because I think these characters, given to us by the likes of Marvel or Blizzard or whoever, come packaged in a certain way. Fans pick up on this. That’s why these pics usually have a Deviant Art address. I haven’t been wrong so far 🙂 Also, don’t type in a search for “sexy” anything. You may as well just go to

      I also agree with your analysis. The first image is sexualized,but I think the second one is too. Except I think it’s sexualized for men. As much as women may like the 2nd picture, it still focuses on chest an arms, which is a male power fantasy. I think pic number 2 successfully appeals to all audiences though. It’s pretty good as far as sexy and sexualized images go.

  2. I think the first one is clearly sexualised. The pose, the clothing given the setting, the lack of context…Sexy? Not to me. Those kinds of model poses actively turn me off.

    The second one is a lot closer to the line, I think. I’m going to say sexy but not quite sexualised, but I wouldn’t raise an eyebrow at anyone claiming certainty on it being sexualised. I think the context of the setting makes it more believably natural and thus not sexualised. The pose is really what brings it very close to the borderline, though. Yes, it’s also one of those model poses, but I think the sleeping poses can get away with a little more before they become unbelievable.

    • I didn’t pick up on those contextual clues that you did. Having read that, I think you’re right. The sleeping context makes it feel less sexualized, more natural and contextually appropriate.

  3. Pretty much the same as Dahakha – the first is clearly sexualized. There’s just no point to the distorted pose, super-full lips, bikini bottoms with hand to make sure our eyes are pulled that way. I would also add that he looks softened, not soft but every muscle is sleek and smooth and blemish-free. Basically the “photoshop” look, but in a hand-drawn image. He could still be sexy to some people, but that depends on tastes (for things like body hair).

    I think there’s several things that help reduce the potential for feeling sexualized in the second picture. The sleeping position, as mentioned, but also the fact the sheet is bunched rather than obviously bulged, and his hand isn’t right at his crotch – it’s relaxed off to the side. No deliberate hints of morning woodie. The “wounded” aspect helps, too. He’s sleeping off a rough night, not one filled with women, is the message that conveys. Sure, there’s the “macho” aspect to him for having a rough night, but not so macho there wasn’t some proper care taken of the injuries. His face is turned away, eyes closed, so there also isn’t some “come hither” aspect to sexualize the setting (a bed). He’s sleeping, which is something one does in a bed while recovering from some sort of fight. Sexy, again, really depends on taste.

    (Neither is particularly sexy to me. Of all things, what I find sexy are the lips on the first but that’s because they remind me of my boyfriend’s lips. That’s not something the artist could have drawn for.)

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