Casual Replays: Baal Runs

Remember those? I’ve been doing something similar in Diablo 3 lately.

For the past two weeks I’ve really been absorbed in Diablo 3 with some friends. Almost every evening I’ve been getting online to smash demons in Sanctuary and I can’t figure out why it’s so awesome. I recently wrote that it’s related to how great Blizzard games feels and I know that’s a huge part of it for me. The other part of me needs to admit that Diablo 3 armors look incredible and I enjoy the transmogrification and dyes.

I don’t have a video replay this time, but it wouldn’t be a very interesting thing to watch. D3 is one of those things you have to play because it’s not all that interesting as a spectator.

I’ve been meaning to catch a few rounds of Dungeon of the Endless for a few days now, but I’ve got D3 on my mind and that’s what I turn on lately. I’m pretty sure this will be followed by months of inactivity on bnet. I’ve been under these temporary spells before!

I haven’t turned on Necrodancer for a week despite playing that for many days in a row when I bought it. As I played I realized that the actually dancing in the game is too limited. I can’t really move the way I want on the beat, as the game wants you to move to the same steady grove on most of the levels. That made things less interesting, but I’m hoping the developer will allow players to be more creative with their dancing later on down the road. I don’t suspect that it will hapen, though. About two weeks ago they announced that the current beta version of the game isn’t that much different from what will be released. But we’ll see how that goes.

What have you been playing this week?

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