Pages I Write

Blaugust 14th

I write because …I’m not good at talking, but I have things I want to say.

Writing everyday is a LOT. I’ve seen some Blaugust participants say the same, that writing everyday isn’t their style. It’s definitely not mine either. But it’s been a fun challenge to participate in.

The problem I’m struggling with the most is like whack a mole. If I put more time into publishing something everyday, then I have less time to read. So I’ve been getting behind once again on my blog reading. Making that worse is that every blogger I know is doing Blaugust, so there will literally be a mountain of things I want to read by the time this is all over. Some conversations are happening that I will miss by writing everyday.

I’ve come to appreciate my usual writing schedule even more because Blaugust is showing me how balanced I”ve actually been in managing all of this. It’s hard to know if you’ve got balance while you’re maintaining, but the minute you stop and do something different you notice right away. Between work, home life and gaming, I sure do miss my usual writing schedule!

Still, I want to do this challenge. I want to know what it’s like again to do more writing than editing, which really becomes a problem over time. Some of my articles the past 2 weeks have had far less editing than I usually would do (and it shows), but it’s nice to just put something imperfect out there and be done with it. Some of you may have noticed that my diary type posts (the ones that start with Blaugust [insert date]) give you a glimpse into things I do outside of gaming like research on community issues and spending time with my babies.

I like writing, obviously right? But what I’m liking about Blaugust is learning how to press publish more often without editing too much. I may yet regret that for some of these topics, but for now it’s nice to know what that’s like once again.

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2 thoughts on “Pages I Write

  1. it’s not just you 🙂 I’m finding it really hard to manage a blog post a day AND get out there and comment on other people’s blogs. Although, I was a terrible slacker commenter before blaugust too… I’m also finding it refreshing to not edit a post to death and then scrap it because I now think its stupid and no one would want to read it.

    Blaugust so far has been fantastic and I’m so pleased I’ve stuck with it (and so far finding the writing easier than I thought it would be) 🙂 Even though I don’t feel I have enough time to read and comment and support, the little interaction I have been able to do has been brilliant and was definitely something I didn’t realise was missing before blaugust.

    • The interaction on other blogs has been everything to me over the years. Its the only way I know how to keep my own inspiration to write, just reading other ideas, getting others’ opinions, and becoming digital neighbors of sorts 🙂 When I’m not out reading and commenting, blogging feels heavier.

      We’re at the half way mark though! If you stick around I’ll do the same 🙂

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