Necrodancer Replay

For the first Casual Replay you get to watch me kill to the rhythm of the Necrodancer! I knew I loved this game from the moment I heard the title. It’s not just a musical game, but a real-time strategy put to the beat of some necrotic jams! Even the monsters got some funky moves. You get to watch them dance with me below. Take notes if you wanna learn how to steal the dance floor!

The game is currently still in Alpha and this was an Early Access buy, but I have to encourage you to try it. It’s casual, it’s fast, fun, competitive, has coop, and it gets inside you. You’ll be playing for longer than you think and it’ll deliver some great little surprises as you advance.

Some things you should know: monsters move and attack to the beat. You have to try to move when they aren’t in an attack position and also on the beat. Some monsters are stronger than others and require multiple hits. Using the little arrow traps on the floor makes your next move twice as fast, which can be helpful for a double attack on whatever may be there. The music can speed up and slow down, and each piece of treasure you find either gives a passive bonus or you activate them using combos. In this clip you see me blow myself up at least twice because I fat fingered the keys and dropped a bomb on myself. But hey, my rhythm ain’t bad at all, right?

Also, most awesome conga line ever witnessed in a video game.

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