Minor Site Updates

In the coming weeks I’ll be migrating my blog back to my own self-hosting service! WOOT! You may be wondering “again??”, but trust me I really needed to have the site managed the past few months. Site maintenance is time consuming and I’ve got a growing family here. So time is precious. But I’ve longed for the day I could have the time to self-host once again and it has arrived. Albeit a lot sooner than I was expecting. My job schedule has seen my hours dwindle and I’ve become more of a stay at home dad. I’m still working, but not as much. That means I can run my own site once again. Life changes and I with it. You can read about some of the perks of self-hosting here if you’re curious.

The change for you, reader, should be mostly unnoticeable except for a few improved features. The RSS may lag for a day, but the feed address isn’t changing so your service shouldn’t be interrupted. For those of you who use the WordPress.com Reader, you’ll need to use my feed address in the future, or just follow me on Twitter.

The site address will also remain the same (xpchronicles.com), so going to your bookmark should be no problem. As this site is currently managed by WordPress.com, the default address will revert to xpchronicles.wordpress.com and remain for the next few months, but it’ll be inactive.

If you experience ANY trouble during this change, please contact me personally via email. If things really go to hell, I can be found via Twitter @trredskies, Steam and the NBI website and forums.

Thanks for your patience during this change!

Join the fray, speak your mind, and follow on Twitter @trredskies!

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