Chronicles of Warcraft Heroes Series

chroniclesIn preparation for Blaugust I’ve come up with a plan to help me publish for 31 days straight. And I need all the help I can get!

About a week ago I mentioned that I’d be doing a few more posts about World of Warcraft as a sort of run up to the release of it’s next expansion, which I’m really interested in. This new series, Chronicles of Warcraft Heroes, will give an accounting of how players have so far advanced the lore of the game.

The lore explored will deal strictly with the things that players brought about through their actions in the game. Of course, Warcraft lore is extremely on rails, so it’s not that we’ve dynamically changed the game. What I want to do is show how our stories, as the new heroes of Warcraft, intertwine with canon.

I’ll publish a new chapter of the Chronicles at least once per week during Blaugust and if you like the series, I’ll continue until release day of Warlords of Draenor. Also, there’s lots of excellent resources made by players, our very own heroic archivists, which I’ll link to liberally throughout the series. To prime yourself for the series, here’s a couple of my favorites. I’ve also been a huge fan of the Warcraft novels, so if you enjoy that kind of fiction I recommend them (some authors are better than others, true, but I love all the stories just the same).

2 thoughts on “Chronicles of Warcraft Heroes Series

  1. Ya know, I’d be interested in seeing how the characters progressed out of their stereotype backgrounds into grey characters. Often times I look back at WoW and everything is cardboard cutouts. Lore has always fascinated me and WoW certainly, due to it’s massive cast of characters.

    • That’s interesting and I’ll try to look into it. But off the cuff I don’t think there are any gray characters in WoW. They start off one way and inevitably go insane, which is really a shame because many of them have potential for depth. I think that’s part of Blizz culture though, the drive toward simplistic stuff always leading to shallowness. Still love Warcraft lore more for it’s potential and ideas than for it’s execution.

      I’m afraid players are the only gray characters but I’ll think on that some more.

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