Change Comes to New Eden in Crius

eve-criusYesterday’s patch notes were a pleasant, but shocking surprise for me, the Gallentean engineer and manufacturer. For the record, I tend to ignore a lot of spoilers about the game and try instead to discover things on my own, where practical. I’m also a businessman so I can’t ignore everything. Crius was surprising for me though, as I just resubscribed last month and I’m not entirely caught up from the last patch. It’s all been a bit much.

One thing’s for sure: I’ll probably create my own manufacturing guide for players like myself. Because so many of the old ones I used to rely on are pretty much obsolete as of this patch. Mostly for the better in my opinion. Reliable resources like the Uniwiki are already (mostly) caught up with the changes.

Blueprints & Manufacturing

The changes to Blueprints are especially breath-taking. It’s just difficult for an old capsuleer like me to see things like Wastage Factor and Material Level get streamlined virtually out of existence. Well, the latter is still in game but it seems they’ve attempted to make the mechanics of blueprints much easier to understand. Can’t fault them for that, it’s definitely about 6 years overdue. The complexity of just reading a blueprint is enough to make newer pilots opt for the simplicity of pirating or mission running.

Also, no more limited industry slots at stations. You wanna research/copy/invent/manufacture something? Just do it. There’s no longer and 30 day queues with players piling up just to get simple jobs done. That alone is a huge change which is sure to get productivity moving more fluidly and dynamically for the economy.

The new Science & Industry interface is also amazing! It’s actually fun to interact with because it makes research and manufacturing very streamlined while giving the player all the information they need. Before, this information was stored in various tabs, tooltips, and boxes. Going into a research job required a bit of research on it’s own. While players still need to do research, the new interface makes it less tedious.


eve-teamsAnother new and interesting feature is called Teams. It’s CCPs efforts as making player industrial movement more meaningful and fluid. Things which used to bottleneck player progress are gone and features like Teams give players some control over the manufacturing landscape of the universe. It does this by adding teams of workers to the manufacturing and research process who add bonuses to the jobs. Those teams stay in your solar system for a month before moving on, but their bonuses are great enough that industry will move more dynamically. It’s a powerful concept for sure. I’ve been tinkering around with it off and on the past couple days, intrigued by what it can do for me. Needless to say I’ve been in bidding wars for these Teams in the hopes of bringing more and better industrialists to my neck of the woods. The laws of competition demand many warm bodies for a true economy to thrive and my edge of space, while relatively peaceful, is also quite boring. I have no intention of moving either (I’ve put in too much work where I am) so I’ll just have to bring everyone to me by filling my space roster with competent teams.

Will these new changes shift the industrial game to great heights? I think they have the potential to, and I think there will be major upheavals in the market (again) as players tinker with all of its parts and as our corporate monopolies re-tighten their hold on the new parts of the game. I think more new players will see industry as more accessible. I just might begin keeping a Captain’s Log. I started and stopped with that idea dozens of times in the past. I’ve always wanted to try roleplaying in EVE, but I start and stop playing so much that I always feel out of touch with the story when I get back to it. We’ll see how that turns out, but don’t get your hopes up.

Steam is having a great sale right now with EVE. You can get the entire game and 30 days subscription for $5 or you can buy a special pack with comes with that plus a PLEX (if you don’t know what it is, look it up, but trust me it’s extremely valuable, especially so if you’re new to the game) for $20. PLEX is also on sale. If you’re thinking about giving EVE Online a try and your motivating interest is exploring its industrial economy, now would be a good time to get in the game.

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