Backlog Report and Adventures of Doone

What’s Doone doing with games lately? Mostly making guides this week, but that’s pretty much a never-ending process once you publish one. As it has to be updated when new things come out.

It’s crazy that we’re already in the middle of Summer. Where does the time go! With the Steam sale behind us, many of us should be busy with the games we just bought. I didn’t buy many games at all, which I’m really happy about, because my backlog couldn’t handle it. Ayrwen over at put out a backlog challenge to the community just last week and J3w3l has joined up to accept it. I’m also doing pretty well at tackling it so far this year while keeping up with my new games and it feels good. Feels less wasteful and more enjoyable. I think the key for me is fewer games. I always remember the times when I played each game rather monogamously and I miss that. So it’s nice to get back to that.

Don’t Starve. I scratched this itch really goooood past week. I spent an hour or so the other day just plotting out a strategy for my next few sessions. One thing I’ve never successfully done in the game is build a chain of camps to keep me roving around the map. And by camps I mean, big, ambitious camps filled with supplies and walled off, with floors, farms, etc. I’ve never survived beyond Day 29 because I tend to take too many risks and in a rogue-like, one has to be more careful than that! I’m looking forward to seeing how the game feels with more caution rather than my usual Pure Adventure Mode, where I roam around with bare essentials trying to “beat the game” living off the natural land.

RPG Maker. Last month I published a beginner’s guide on Steam titled “Learn 2 RPG Maker: Your First RPG”. If you’re curious what I put together, just visit my profile and you’ll see a link to it.

The guide walks through the absolute bare essentials of RPG: character selection, basic quests (repeatable and non), combat, NPCs and maps. I’ve been working on a follow-up guide that goes a bit more in depth with crafting a basic RPG. This update won’t include advanced things such as coding, but just take the current a step forward. Some sections I’ve been writing: creating classes, chain quests, connecting maps, and how to be creative with the tools.

Civilization 5. I finally bought the Brave New World expansion during the Steam Summer Sale for $7.50 (it’s usually $30) so I’m quite happy with that purchase and I finally got to try out the new features. Last year I wrote a pretty exhaustive beginner’s guide on Steam that teaches new players the game mechanics. After playing the expansion I realize that guide is long overdue for a few additions and updates, though it’s managed not to become outdated really. It just needs to have some of the new features defined.

Shadowrun Dragonfall. Inspired once again by Izlain, I put in a couple hours of Shadowrun this weekend in an attempt to finish the latest story. So far its been great. I loved the Seatle campaign, but the Berlin one has more content and is even more interesting. I like the outlays and I like how it tries to really put your mind into Shadowrun. The writing is great and the missions interesting. While I didn’t finish the campaign, I’m closer to it so maybe this weekend I’ll be able to close it up.

Man hands, cat feet. MEOW.

Chief Nyanta. Man hands, cat feet. MEOW.

Anime. J3w3l reminded me this week that I hadn’t picked up Kill la Kill in a while, ever since she first wrote about it. It’s really over the top, but it’s fun to watch. I enjoy the way it makes fun of stereotypes. I’ve only watched 6 episodes, but I’m enjoying the pace.

Several people recommended Log Horizon and I’ve been giving that a look as well. I’m almost done with the first season and it’s everything I wanted it to be. Like Sword Art Online, it’s about players getting trapped in an MMO game. With Sword Art Online, the story is simpler and more straightforward. I like that Log Horizon tells the story more slowly. My favorite character is Chief Nyanta (meow). That cat man is awesome and you’ll be seeing more of him around here.

What are you doing with your games and entertainment lately?

9 thoughts on “Backlog Report and Adventures of Doone

    • Shadowrun is nothing short of great. Its got to be one of the best adventures on the market and it’s very heavy on story. So if you really enjoy story in games, there are few out right now that do it better.

      The Shadowrun editor is also amazing. I’ll be trying to finish creating my own campaign this summer!

  1. Log Horizon was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed how it gets more into the politics of the situation as well as just the facts of daily living. The only problem is there’s only one season.

  2. The link on my name goes to Eri’s site. Just saying.
    I can’t seem to figure out much in Don’t Starve. I’ve given it a try a couple of times, and it’s kind of like how I felt about Terraria before I “got it.” You should write a guide on that one! I still need to get those Civ 5 expansions. At this rate the new Civ game will be out before I play those.

    I like anime, but if it isn’t overdubbed in English I lose interest. I hate having to read when I’m trying to focus on the animation. Some of the stories are crazy though, in a good way.

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