Coutch Podtatoes Episode 2: Players’ Rights

It’s out 🙂

Couch Podtatoes is a new podcast by our beloved Izlain of Me vs Myself and I. I made my first podcast appearance with he and the lovely J3w3l of Healing the Masses and I think we had a pretty great discussion about players rights. The “Digital Frontier” segment of the show is hosted by me once per month (starts at 19:20) and this month’s topic: Player Rights.

There were some great ideas from everyone and most importantly, I think this episode leaves lots of room for listener feedback. So definitely leave your thoughts for us (here, the podcast, their blogs, email – doesn’t matter) and I’ll be sure to mention them on the next show.

Enjoy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Coutch Podtatoes Episode 2: Players’ Rights

    • Clearly I have the voice for radio so I plan to use my god given talents in broadcasting. The congrats goes to Izlain and J3w3l, as they made the show, edit it every week, and publish each week as well with or without me. They were gracious enough to extend me an invitation to participate once per month. It was really fun, but I’m still intending to find a way to do my own short podcast – I’m coining the term Quick-cast here and now. No one steal my idea!

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