Havoc in Hearthstone

NBI Hearthstone Tournament results! Glad so many of you joined in the games!

Me Vs. Myself and I

I’ve spent the last week participating in a community tournament, specifically the NBI’s Havoc in Hearthstone tourney. The rules were simple — make any deck you wanted, just stick to common (those with the white jewels, or no jewels at all) cards. I have been having a lot of fun playing with my Warlock Zoo deck for a while now, so I decided to use that as a model for my tournament deck. Basically, some of the core cards were still usable, but I lost out on cool cards such as Doomguard and Knife Juggler. No matter, I slapped the deck together and faced my challengers with great success.

That is, until I got to the end of the run. I eliminated Talarian, Murf and Liore, but was ultimately trounced by J3w3l, and I was sort of expecting that. She hard counters my play style, and has…

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