Are You Supporting the Newbie Blogger Initiative?

So what does it mean to support a community event? Well, we’re all different. We have different hopes and expectations for the communities we inhabit. As gamers, I know many of us are introverts, preferring our own quiet company and one-person platform as we blog about our own opinions. While being introverts can sometimes isolate us, having that in common means we’re all part of the same club! Communities have to be just social enough to stick together, but allow space for us to grow individually. Creating and maintaining a network of support is something we have to actively do, no matter what our goals are individually. It’s this support that helps create the environment for bloggers to thrive.

The past 2 years, I’ve seen so many of you put yourselves aside to help a fellow gamer who was interested in getting started with blogging. In that time, blogging has changed quite a bit. Today’s gamers want to be seen and heard — and writing can often seem like a dying form depending on where you’re from and who’s around you. With change comes awesome. While the blogging landscape is still defined by it’s veterans who are now landmarks and beacons, that landscape is eroding and it’s not just time, but technology.

Newer bloggers want to stream, vlog and podcast. They want to live blog via sites like Tumblr and Twitter. These are all amazing tools and platforms for expressing our love of games and declaring our membership to a community of people like us. The NBI has to continue to nurture a culture of change.

To support something like the NBI, it’s not enough to just mention it in a blog article. It’s not enough to say the name on a Podcast. Despite having so many supporters last year, here’s what our support actually looks like by the numbers:

  • NBI RSS Subscribers: 3
  • NBI Email Subscribers: 0
  • NBI Twitter: 54 (better, but barely a reflection of the participants and supporters).

Publishing a word or two about the event is nothing without your active participation. It’s easy to be active without volunteering too much of your time, especially when time is elusive for most of us. Still, what’s a mention on a blog without wearing the NBI badge on it? What’s an announcement on a Podcast if you don’t even keep up with newly published articles via Twitter/RSS/Email? What’s it mean to support the NBI?

  1. Follow. Press that follow button and mean it! When you follow NBI on WordPressTwitter and RSS, you’re proving your interest in staying connected to the event.
  2. Participate. Don’t be a passive supporter, but an active one. Show up. Wear the NBI badge. Show your readers that you’re not just a lone blogger, but part of a wider community that supports one another. Join the Steam group and play some games with us.
  3. Share. Surely you have something to offer! Newbies need mentors. They also need guides, resources, and friends. Just remember how tough it was when you got started. How much better was it when you had friends to support you?

If you really want to show your support, volunteer! There’s a running list of things we’re all chipping in to do for the event on the forum. While time zones are a huge challenge for our global community, we’re trying to address that more this year by coordinating multiple days and times for some events in order to allow opportunities for everyone.

We’re always listening to your feedback and suggestions. After all, NBI is about community. Make your voice heard and support the NBI!

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