Blog Discovery at the Gaming Blog Nexus

This is a public service announcement for those unaware of the existence of a game blog syndication service called Gaming Blog Nexus. I’m completely biased, I’ll admit: it’s one of the tools I use to discover new blogs so this plug is as much to get new blogs into my feed as it is to help other bloggers increase their audience!

If you use RSS readers like I do, then you know how inadequate they are at keeping up with NEW authors. Scouring the web for new authors to read is time consuming to say the least. Mostly, though, unless you hear it from the blogs you read or word of mouth, you’ll almost never find new authors to keep your reading selection fresh.

Gaming Blog Nexus (GBN) allows bloggers to submit their blogs to the service and every time they publish a new article, it pops up on the Nexus feed. Then you can just follow the RSS feed for GBN and voila: you’ve got one additional source for discovering new authors who write on the topics you love.

If you haven’t, subscribe to the Nexus. It’s a great service you can use to discover new bloggers. If you’re a new blogger, take advantage of this opportunity to be discovered!

Join the fray, speak your mind, and follow on Twitter @trredskies!

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