NBI 2014 Is Coming

Yes, it’s that time already.

I realize this may seem very soon considering NBI 2013 ran very late last year. It was never intended to be a Fall event. This year, I want the community to return it to a Spring/Summer time event. It’s usually a very inspirational time for bloggers and the community is very active and engaged. With all the new game announcements and conventions there’s constant buzz in the blogosphere, much more so than in the Fall. And this time of year is also when school is winding down in the US and bloggers all over the world are taking more vacation time. In my experience, it’s a very good time to start blogging.

This year’s NBI will probably launch in May/June, but that’s not been decided. That’s what this article is about!

I want to reach out there into the community and ask for volunteers for this year’s NBI. We need leaders. We need bloggers who can offer us some time and skill. Volunteers can expect to be tasked with specific roles and spend maybe 3 hours a week helping organize the event. We need volunteers of ALL talents: writers, podcasters, vloggers, artists, musicians. As long as it’s related to gaming in some way, even tangentially, it’s relevant. It’s also possible that NBI will be opened up to bloggers outside of the gaming community. Perhaps we’ll open it up to geeks of all stripes, I don’t know. But I need volunteers in order to find out! The more community involvement we have, the more likely we will have the resources to open the event up for other kinds of bloggers.

Please contact me via email or use the comments to ask questions, volunteer, make suggestions and generally discuss the possibilities for NBI 2014. You can also visit the official NBI forums for community discussion.

12 thoughts on “NBI 2014 Is Coming

  1. I am down to help again in 2014, through writing or podcasting or whatever!
    I’d also like to do an NBI segment on Cat Context during the month it’s on. Probably something like interviewing a couple of the newbies for 5-10 minutes? That is separate from the NBI itself of course, but might help get folks more exposure for their work. 🙂

  2. What kind of roles are you looking to fill? Despite being a blogger for a very long time and noticing the NBI before, this is the first time I’m sort of a part of the community in question, so I’m curious as to what needs done.

    • I’m outlining them now. I’ll post some updates on the NBI forum in the coming days. Please bookmark it and stay tuned there. It’s easier to put out information to everyone on the forums!

  3. Definitely earlier than expected! I’m game to help out since I found it really cool last time around. I guess you can put me down for the writer, artist or musician category. I’d like to know what the job requires though… Is it taking people’s souls? I’m good at taking people’s souls. Not so good at gardening though. 😛

  4. Nice to see all the early enthusiasm 🙂 We have 2 options for discussion: this comments section or the NBI forums. I haven’t made any executive decisions about NBI 2014 and would really like those who want to be involved to help shape this years event.

    @Liore: I love the idea of having some participants on the podcast. YUS. this is good stuff.
    @Izlain: Welcome! Youve been around for longer or as long as many in the community so it’d be a boon to have a veteran helping out.
    @Chin: YUS.
    @Joseph: YUS (except the souls thing).

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  6. I think I’ll pass on active involvement this time round. I’m stretched enough keeping my ownn gaming and blogging output going as it is and anyway I’m not at all sure I have anything fresh in the way of advice to offer.

    I’ll be very happy to link, post and otherwise promote the efforts of others, though.

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